Fryderyk Tustanowsky (1918 Jun 231985 May)

familysearch United States Census, 1920, Fred Tustanowsky in household of Wasyl Tustanowsky, St Louis (Independent City), Missouri. Estimated Birth Year: 1919. Age: 1. Birthplace: Missouri. Relationship to Head of Household: Son. Gender: Male. Race: White. Marital Status: Single. Household: SELF Wasyl Tustanowsky M 31y Ukraine. WIFE Mary Tustanowsky F 26y Missouri. SON Raymond Tustanowsky M 4y0m Missouri. SON Fred Tustanowsky M 1y6m Missouri. Antonette Kostizak F 57y Ukraine. Oscar Kostizak M 22y Missouri. Anna Kostizak F 18y Missouri. United States Census, 1930, Freddie Tustanowsky in household of Walter Tustanowsky, St Louis (Districts 251-500), St. Louis (Independent City), Missouri. Gender: Male. Age: 12. Marital Status: Single. Race: White. Birthplace: Missouri. Estimated Birth Year: 1918. Relationship to Head of Household: Son. Father's Birthplace: Austria. Mother's Birthplace: Missouri. Household; Head Walter Tustanowsky M 59 Austria. Wife Mary Tustanowsky F 36 Missouri. Son Raymond Tustanowsky M 14 Missouri. Son Freddie Tustanowsky M 12 Missouri. Son William Tustanowsky M 9 Missouri. Son Bladimir Tustanowsky M 8 Missouri. Daughter Leona Tustanowsky F 5 Missouri. Daughter Marie Tustanowsky F 3 Missouri. Son Mikel Tustanowsky M 1 Missouri. Sister-In-Law Anna Postiszak F 28 Missouri. familysearch United States Social Security Death Index. Fred Tustanowsky birth: 23 June 1918, death: May 1985 Missouri, estimated age at death: 67; Internet Pochowany na Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery